138 bilateral cooperation agreements with 73 countries

UPDATED : 24/02/2018

Akdağ stated that Turkey provides support to several countries to strengthen their health systems and trains health delegates visiting from other countries.
He then briefed the participants about the National Medical Rescue Team (UMKE), the largest medical rescue team in Europe comprising 8 thousand volunteers. Akdağ said that UMKE teams are dispatched in emergencies and disasters. He added that Turkey had built comprehensive healthcare and management teams tailored to the needs of requesting countries and that Turkey has opened hospitals abroad.
For Akdağ, the 138 bilateral cooperation agreements with 73 countries contribute to global health.
Akdağ said: "We are also working on promoting windows of opportunity in healthcare industry. We have created new opportunities to encourage the local production in Turkey. We offer appealing incentives for pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturers to come and invest in Turkey.
We are also working on using the full potential of medical tourism and improving medical tourism in public hospitals.
When Turkish citizens have an accident or need intensive care abroad, we can bring them to Turkey on our ambulance aircraft. All citizens need to be aware of this. I urge health staff to dispatch all means at their disposal when they need to use the ambulance aircraft. I thank God that the Republic of Turkey is strong enough to offer these services."
Minister Akdağ also gave information about the Medical Cities, the first of which will be opened in Mersin. These hospitals will have suite rooms and offer services to VIP patients, too.